Ever since 2008, Red has been driven by a desire to never compromise. With the goal of inspiring adventures by producing the very best inflatable board technology and accessories.

We have always been committed to Taking Steps to be responsible for all of our impacts, from people to product. The next step in that journey was achieving B Corp status and that is just the start. We are proud to say that we are now part of a collection of global organisations, focussed on doing business the right way.

See our score and the whole of our application on the B Corp website.

What is B Corp?

B Corp status identifies companies that commit to prioritise the environment and wider society in all that they do. In the certification process we assessed by an independent team to ensure that the high standards required for accreditation are met. This not just stamp of approval, but a legally binding agreement that ensures we continue to keep this in focus and make good on our commitment.

What next, now that Red is a B Corp Business?

Gaining B Corp Certification has made everyone at Red incredibly proud. We beat the average business certification score of 50.9 and the minimum qualification score of 80 – amassing a total of 89.5 points.

This is not the final destination though and we see that doing the right thing is a journey. We will not sit on our laurels and will endeavour to make improvements across every aspect of the business. The B Lab will re-asses in 3 years and we will be driving to step up our rating positive impacts the board.

The great thing about B Corp (as opposed to other sustainability certifications out there), is that they measure companies on their entire social and environmental performance. This means that as a customer, when you see a B Corp badge, you know that the company has been assessed on on every impact the company has, not just how ‘green’ they are, which is very important to us.

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