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About us

Red Rescue is Red Paddle Co’s specialist Rescue division, aimed at delivering the safest, most durable and portable rescue boards on the planet – without compromising on performance.

Red Rescue

Drawing on over 15 years of inflatable board design and construction experience, Red Rescue sits on the shoulders of Red Paddle Co. Bringing the world’s best inflatable tech to the rescue world.

Our heritage is in the design and manufacture of inflatable SUPss. It all began in 2008 with Red Paddle Co and since those humble beginnings we have become renowned for producing the worlds best inflatable paddleboards. Sold in over 60 countries worldwide our SUP’s are tried and tested in every corner of the globe by hundreds of thousands of customers.

Red Rescue hasn’t stood alone. Our boards have been designed in partnership with leading lifesaving authorities (including the RNLI, RLSS & SLSNZ). Our inflatable surf rescue boards have been tailored to enable increased safety and optimised training for lifeguards and lifesaving teams across the globe.

Our range of prone rescue surfboards are purpose built to deliver unparalleled Performance Under Pressure for professional lifesavers all over the world.

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RNLI rescue board with international lifeguard outreach programme

Our Origins

In 2018, the RNLI International team approached Red Paddle Co. They asked us to help bridge the gap between their desire to address the global drowning epidemic and the limitations that conventional lifeguard rescue boards placed on their success. They had the skills and organisational motivation to deliver the much-needed lifeguarding training in developing countries with severe drowning issues, but traditional hard rescue boards held them back.

In collaboration with the RNLI Lifeguarding team, we produced our first Inflatable rescue board to help the delivery of their lifesaving outreach programmes in Bangladesh and Zanzibar.

This required extensive research into existing solutions, expert interviews, competitive evaluation, product critical analysis and first-hand experience. A thorough and lengthy process which we continue to undertake as we further develop our range of high-performing inflatable rescue equipment.

Our Construction

Every board is handmade in our private factory and is taken on a journey from raw material, all the way through to production. This means we have complete control of the whole process and the most stringent quality control possible is built in to every board

On average it takes 72 hours to make each and every board (10x the industry average), ensuring that we deliver performance you can trust and durability you can rely on.

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If you are an organisation or individual involved in lifesaving and are interested in purchasing a Red Rescue Board, please contact us today to set up an account.

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