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User Guides & FAQ’s

Red Rescue boards benefit from industry leading and patented Red Paddle Co technologies.

To help you get the most out of your boards, below are some How To Videos and answers to some commonly asked questions.

Red Rescue boards always deliver Performance Under Pressure and the Red Rescue Team are always on hand to support you if you need us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set-up my Prone Board?

It’s a simple process to set-up the board and the below video will guide you through it. If you have any questions get in touch through our Contact Us page and we will get back to you ASAP

How do I set-up my Rescue SUP?

As with the prone board, it is very simple to do. The board is slightly different though, so watch this video to find oiut how and get in touch with any questions you may have.

Which board is right for me?

Our range caters for a huge variety of operational lifesaving and training needs. If you can’t find enough info here on the site to help you make your decision then download our brochure or contact us to get some more answers.

How long does it take to inflate a board?

Our Titan II pump is epic and a single lifesaver can get their board inflated and be operationally ready in around 5 minutes. For SAR teams or other groups where rapid deployment is imperative, you can use our multi-pump adapter to connect two pumps to one board (as seen in video below).

There are many SUP-compatible electric pumps, but our Schrader Valve Adapter allows the connection of bike tyre-style pump.


How do I get the RSS battens in?

Our unique and patented Rocker Stiffening System adds up to 40% rigidity to your board and massively improves performance.

In order to get the maximum benefit out of these, the pockets the battens slide into must be a tight fit.  Particularly when the board is brand new or hasn’t been inflated in a long time. If you are struggling the first time around, then think about fully inflating your board and leaving it pumped up for a while, before deflating back down and trying again. Wetting teh battens can also help.

The below video shows you the best technique.


How much pressure should I put in my board?

Unlike many manufacturers, we have our own private production facility and have complete control of our build process – meaning we make bomb-proof boards. We do not have an upper pressure-limit on the boards, but beyond 25psi, you are only increasing the pressure without increasing the stiffness.

The more pressure you have, the better the boards performance will be, which is more important in heavier conditions or with heavier lifesavers/casualties.

As a rule of thumb, the absolute minimum we would recommend is 15psi, but for operational purposes, we would  advise 18-22psi.

Can I repair my board?

Our boards are pretty much bombproof. They will not ding like a hard-board or get destroyed like a foam-board.

If you do manage to get a scuff or scrape that you would like to patch, then a colour matched patch is provided in your service kit. Depending on the size of repair, a PVC Marine Adhesive is the best adhesive to use and here is a kit that we recommend.

If you want specific advise on any repairs you would like to do, then reach out to us with images of the board in question.

If you would like professional repairs on your board – then PVC RIB/Boat Repairers work with the same materials and adhesives, so are well placed to help you out.

Can I repair my pump?

Our Titan 2 is the best hand pump on the market and is incredibly well-built. To keep them going for as long as possible, we have designed them for disassembly.

Much like a car, some parts wear out and need replacing. We stock a full range of spares and the cause of most issues can be easily identified and fixed with a new part.

The below video should help you  self-diagnose, but if you need any help – get in touch.

What is the MSL construction?

MSL Technology is exclusive to Red and is the material that we use on all of our boards. It is the industry’s leading construction process and ensures that your rescue boards are high-performing and incredibly durable.

MSL (Monocoque Structural Laminate) describes our unique way of laying up the PVC outer shell on the inner, textile, drop-stitch core. This guarantees that your board can deal with the rigours of the lifesaving world.

The other big benefit of MSL is that your board will hold its shape over many years and countless inflations/deflations. The rocker line, the hull shape and the rails will hold true, so your board’s performance stays the same.

How long is my Warranty?

You almost certainly won’t need it, but just in case, your board comes with an extended 2 year warranty. All the accessories and extras come with a standard 1 year warranty (pump/bag etc).

Full T’s & C’s can be found here.

Where is Red Rescue?

Our boards are currently in 22 countries, and counting. If you want to get in touch with us, we always look to make it as easy as possible for you to speak to a human, as quickly as possible.

Our International HQ is in South West England and can be reached on: or +441308 896 847

Our Australia HQ is in Sydney and we also have a base in Perth. They can be reached on: or +61 434 434 524

We also have a global distribution network. Get in touch today and we will signpost you to your best option.


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