8.10 Junior Prone

Our all new 8.10 Inflatable Junior Prone Board helps Nipper Lifesavers transition to a larger board sooner. Safer in a busy surf zones, lighter and more durable than hardboard alternatives – the 8’10 will boost your wave count and take things to the next level.

Red Rescue Inflatable Junior Prone board

More Time on the Water

We worked with Groms across the world, building this board to specifically cater to the needs of Junior and Youth paddlers serious about surf lifesaving.

Ask any lifesaving club, anywhere in the world what their most used and abused board is and the answer is always the same – Nipper / Junior boards. Kids are the ultimate test for kit.

They need boards that can take a battering, can easily be carried, stored and still shred on the water. A board that will take them from zero to hero.

Boards available from the 2nd week in August 2024.


Conditions – Surf (0-6ft)
Roles – Junior / Youth Surf Lifesaving Sport – Training, Progression & Competition
Dimensions – 8.10 x 4.7 x 18.5 / 125 Litres
8.10 Inflatable red rescue junior prone board dimensions

Made for the Next Generation

The Red Rescue Inflatable JUNIOR PRONE is the ultimate transition board for Junior and Youth Lifesavers taking their first steps from the Nipper Pathway, towards full-size boards. Built to last the 8’10 Junior Prone has been designed for total convenience and control.

Fast, light and responsive, the Junior Prone helps the future stars of lifesaving sport and the career lifeguards get to grips with a larger board. It allows them to build on their competency and confidence in surf, as well as their technical skills and stamina for flat-water paddling.

At 125 litres and 18.5” wide, this board is rapid. It’s gradual rocker line makes it playful in the surf and super fast on flat water. The combination of our industry leading MSL construction and patented RSS stiffening battens make this board feel more like a hard board, than any other inflatable on the planet.

Features of red rescue inflatable 8.10 junior transition surf lifesaving prone board

Developed alongside clubs, for clubs

Part of a club? Bespoke trade pricing available to help you get the next generation on the water.

No more fin-damaged, dinged and waterlogged boards filling up valuable space on your racks. We understand the need to use club funds wisely and that getting good value out of kit is imperative.

Whether it’s minimising storage space at the club, making it easier to travel to events or reducing board damage, our Inflatable boards allow your club to get more out of its time and money.

Fun, Safe and Competitive

Feedback from the Groms we worked with when developing this board was that they just want to be in the water as much as possible. Catching as many waves as they can and ultimately have loads of fun whilst getting better.

That’s what this board is all about: enabling kids to get into the water and fall in love with lifesaving, surfing and the ocean.


We are celebrating the launch of our new board by opening up the chance for any Under 16, youth Lifesaver to enter now to win 5 new 8.10 Junior Prone Boards for your club.

Entries close one World Drowning Prevention day – July 25th 2024

The Package

Our Junior Surf Lifesaving board comes with everything you need to take your training on the move. Allowing young lifesavers the freedom to easily travel with their board, set it up on their own and hit the water.

60 Litre Dry Bag:

Our super rugged, 60 litre dry-bag backpack with welded and taped seams has ample room for the Junior board, along with its pump and accessories. The backpack set-up is lightweight and easy to carry, making it easier than ever for kids to go on the move with their board. Allowing them the freedom to grow, learn and have fun at their own pace.

If they are keeping their board inflated, then the bag doubles up as an epic wet-kit bag.

Titans II Pump:

Inflatable rescue boards need to be pumped to 20-22psi to give absolute rigidity. The Titan II is the world’s only double chamber pump designed for purpose, to get your board to pressure in half the time.

The Titan II has a compact, ergonomic design to increase ease and efficiency blowing out air at over 90kmph. Folding feet and removable handle help reduce the pack size whilst the integrated pressure gauge, hose connection and twin gear system allows lifeguards to get on the water fast.

Inflatable Board Benefits

Lifeguard inserting RSS stiffening battens into rail of inflatable prone rescue surf board


Combining exclusive design features like our patented Rail Stiffening System (RSS) and unique MSL Tough Construction; our boards deliver uncompromising performance. Unlike other inflatables, Red Boards don’t bend like a banana.

Unpacking inflatable rescue board at surf lifesaving club


No more space in your board room? Storage issues will be a thing of the past once you make the change to Red Rescue. The boards easily pack down and you can fit, eight Red Boards in place of one traditional hard board.

lifeguard punching through surf on infklatable prone surf rescue board


Stony shores, shore-dumps or a wash over the rocks? Our unique inflatable technology is built to withstand every challenge it faces it. Where a hard board dings easily – a Red simply bounces off and keeps on performing.

Lifeguard with transportable inflatable prone rescue board in bag for water safety event


Our Board Bag switches seamlessly from a super comfy backpack, to a wheeled suitcase: For whatever use– there is no better option than Red Rescue for comfort and function. With plenty of extra space in-built for the rest of your gear.

Inflatable rescue surfboard deckpad


Whether training or lifesaving, hardboards are large and heavy. When they collide with a lifesaver or a member of the public, they cause serious injuries. For the increased safety and protection of everyone in the water: Go Inflatable, Go Red Rescue.


Red Rescue Boards are cheaper than most hard boards and need fewer repairs. You need less space to store them and you will need to replace them less frequently. This means more money for you to spend on other parts of your Lifesaving Service

Enquire about our boards

If you are an organisation or individual involved in lifesaving and are interested in purchasing a Red Rescue Board, please contact us today to set up an account.