Prone Boards

Our Inflatable Prone Rescue Boards are for surf or flat water, for training or for lifesaving – our Prone range has been developed alongside leading lifesaving authorities all over the world to ensure that they always deliver Performance Under Pressure.

Prone Board Range

Our Prone boards have been designed by experts and tested by professionals. An Inflatable does not ding like a hard board, it is far easier to store and transport and is much safer for other water users.

Approved for operational use via the RNLI’s stringent SHARK-Design and Assurance (FMECA & HAZOP) Tool.

We have two boards in this range, scroll down to find out about our 10.4 Prone Sprint and our 10.6 Prone Rescue.

The 10.4 PRONE SPRINT is the ultimate training partner. Built for lifesavers learning the ropes and fitness paddlers looking for an ultra-transportable yet high-performing prone board.

The 10.6 PRONE RESCUE is the operational workhorse. Giving unrivalled stability and increased volume for reliable operational use & safe casualty recovery.


Conditions – Surf (0-6ft)
Roles – Training / Operational Lifesaving / Fitness
Lifesaver Benefits – Safer / Transportable / Durable

Developed alongside lifesaving organisations

Our Prone boards have been designed by experts and tested by professionals. An Inflatable does not ding like a hard board, it is far easier to store and transport and is much safer for other water users.

It has been tailored to give the perfect blend of speed, agility and stability for rapid responses and effective recoveries.

RNLI rescue board with international lifeguard outreach programme
Prone paddle training on the sea on an inflatable prone paddle board in ireland

Go Faster, Go Further.

Prone paddling allows you to take things up a level. Imagine how freeing it is to jump on a board at your local swim spot and cover more distance at speed – whilst also enjoying the view. The road bike for the swimming world – a prone board opens up your open-water swimming or triathlon training regime to get the edge on your competitors.

Easy to store and transport, our inflatable prone boards allow you to get on the water more to build your strength, fitness and explore further – without sacrificing performance.

10.4 Prone Rescue Board

The PRONE SPRINT is the ultimate training partner. Built for lifesavers learning the ropes and fitness paddlers looking for an ultra-transportable yet high-performing prone board.

Fast and light, it allows any lifesaver to confidently get out on a rescue board on flat water or in surf. It is ideal for surf lifesaving clubs who run regular training sessions or private life saving groups looking for fast deployment.

At 170 litres and 23” wide, its pulled in nose and sleak outline makes it paddle fast for fitness training/racing, allowing a paddler to cover distance efficiently and quickly. Its gradual rocker line combined with the RSS battens delivers hard-board like control in up to head-high surf.

10.4 Inflatable prone sprint rescue board package
10.4 inflatable prone sprint dimensions

10.6 Prone Rescue Board

The PRONE RESCUE gives unrivalled stability and increased volume for operational use & safe casualty recovery.

Whether on flat water, or coming back through surf, this board is the reliable workhorse of your rescue fleet. At 190 litres and 24” wide, its increased volume allows the safe and stable recovery of casualties of any size.

It has a full nose and wide centre point, making it ideal for training with older/larger lifesavers and for operational lifesaving in all conditions. Designed based on feedback from across the lifesaving industry, every detail of this board has been crafted to cover every eventuality.

The Prone Rescue delivers absolute confidence no matter what the conditions.

10.6 inflatable prone rescue board package with pump and bag
10.6 inflatable prone rescue dimensions
inflatable prone board surf lifeguard
lifeguards training with inflatable surf rescue paddle boards from red rescue
open water swimming with inflatable prone rescue board
surfing inflatable prone surf rescue board portugal
open water swimming coaching with inflatable rescue board
RNLI beach Lifeguard inflatable prone rescue board
dean gladstone bondi rescue using inflatable surf rescue board bondi beach lifeguard australia
inflatable prone board lifeguard board rescue beach
prone paddle fitness training with red rescue inflatable prone rescue boards

The Package

Every Red Rescue board arrives ready for action. It comes complete with a heavy duty, all terrain backpack and our specially designed Titan 2 pump to get your boards to operational pressure in double quick time.

All Terrain Backpack:

Made from ultra-durable fabric and double-bonded nylon threads it has been designed to remove the stress of travelling with your board . Continuous-coiled, lockable zips, padded backpack straps, water-resistant lining and chunky wheels allow you to take your board just about anywhere on the planet. Deliberately oversized, the bag has capacity to take any extra kit you need and makes it easier to pack up and go when time is critical.

Titan II Pump:

Inflatable rescue boards need to be pumped to 20-22psi to give absolute rigidity. The Titan II is the world’s only double chamber pump designed for purpose, to get your board to pressure in half the time.

The Titan II has a compact, ergonomic design to increase ease and efficiency blowing out air at over 90kmph. Folding feet and removable handle help reduce the pack size whilst the integrated pressure gauge, hose connection and twin gear system allows lifeguards to get on the water fast.

Inflatable Board Benefits

Lifeguard inserting RSS stiffening battens into rail of inflatable prone rescue surf board


Combining exclusive design features like our patented Rail Stiffening System (RSS) and exclusive MSL Tough Construction; our boards are designed to deliver performance without compromise. Unlike other inflatables, Red Rescue Boards don’t bend like a banana.

Unpacking inflatable rescue board at surf lifesaving club


No more space in your board room? Storage issues will be a thing of the past for you once you make the change to Red Rescue. The boards easily pack down and you can fit, eight Red Boards in place of one traditional hard board.

lifeguard punching through surf on infklatable prone surf rescue board


Stony shores, shore-dumps or a wash over the rocks? Our unique inflatable technology is built to withstand every challenge it faces in a surf environment. Where a hard board dings easily – a Red Board simply bounces off and keeps on performing, saving you time and money.

Lifeguard with transportable inflatable prone rescue board in bag for water safety event


Our Board Bag switches seamlessly from a super comfy backpack, to a wheeled suitcase: Whether you’re a roaming lifeguard trainer, developing lifesaving overseas or travelling for a race – there is no better option than Red Rescue for comfort and function. With plenty of extra space for the rest of your gear.

Inflatable rescue surfboard deckpad


Whether training or lifesaving, hardboards are large and heavy. When they collide with a lifesaver or a member of the public, they cause serious injuries. For the increased safety and protection of everyone in the water: Go Inflatable, Go Red Rescue.


Red Rescue Boards are cheaper than most hard boards. On top of this, they need fewer repairs, you need less space to store them and you will need to replace them less frequently – this means more money for you to spend on other parts of your Lifesaving Service

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