In around 2010, the Stand Up Paddleboard market started to change and the traditional hard boards started to make way for new Inflatables. A movement which Red Paddle Co was at the head of, leading the charge with consistent innovation and development. These new Inflatable SUPs were much more transportable, easy to store and far more durable.

That process is now showing signs of repeating itself in the rescue world, and again, Red are paving the way with our industry leading range of inflatable prone surf rescue boards.

Let’s take a look at the range and see how our boards can upgrade your lifesaving training and operational delivery. Within our range, we have: the 10.4 Inflatable Prone Sprint, our fast and agile training partner and the 10.6 Inflatable Prone Rescue, our super stable operational workhorse.

10.4 Inflatable Prone Sprint

Our Sprint comes in at 10ft 4in x 23in x 4.7in, giving 170 litres of volume and weighing 9.9kg.

From the central wide point, the board tapers in towards a narrow nose and pulls back into the tail. The board has a gentle nose rocker crafted in at a raw material stage. This makes the board super agile and easy to manoeuvre. It is fast through the water, it paddles well and handles solid surf, giving an authentic prone surf rescue board experience.

For training new lifesavers, this board is perfect for a Nipper looking to make the step up to a bigger board or for an adult lifesaver building confidence and practising in surf conditions. Being lighter than your traditional hard board, they are much easier to handle, helping lifesavers accelerate their learning and skill progression on the water. Importantly though, the board benefits from our MSL Tough construction and isn’t so light that you get blown off course when paddling in a cross wind. Being so easy to transport, they also makes a great option for fitness training on the move, in the off season and when conditions at the club aren’t great.

For competent lifesavers, the Sprint is great fun to use in surf, epic to train with and can still be used to rescue a casualty if needed. It also works brilliantly for guiding open-water swims and delivering safety cover at open water swims where you need quick first responders on the water who can offer respite for tired swimmers and bring in further support if required.

10.6 Inflatable Prone Rescue

Our Rescue comes in at 10ft 6in x 24in x 4.7in, giving 190 litres of volume and weighing 10.5kg.

The Rescue starts off wider than the Sprint and it carries that volume forwards into a fuller nose and wider square tail. The extra 20 litres of volume makes the board rock solid for stable casualty recovery and the wide tail helps you pick up any waves to help you get that casualty quickly and safely back to shore.

For training larger lifesavers and for operational patrols on flat water or in surf, the Prone Rescue is your go to board. Surf Rescue boards are often the most heavily relied on equipment for rescues within a lifesaving fleet and this board always assures Performance Under Pressure.

Watch the full board review here:

Red is built on the principle that we will Never Compromise on performance, safety or durability and our Red Rescue boards are no different, which is why they always deliver Performance Under Pressure.

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