Keeping fit and well-practised is a hugely important aspect of any lifesavers routine. It doesn’t matter how good your medical training is, getting to the casualty fast is essential to avoid an escalation in the situation.

In 2018, the RNLI yearly report showed that more than 40% of all of the water-based rescues carried out by their beach lifeguards were done using a Prone Rescue Board. The Rescue Board has always been the workhorse of any operational lifesaving service, but in order to make sure that lifesavers are Rescue ready, consistent training is imperative. Both in terms of having the experience to confidently handle and use the equipment in a range of conditions, as well as building and maintaining the fitness levels required to operate effectively.



For a lifesaver who does not always have access to a van or board trailer, it can be tough to get training in as often as you would like, especially if changeable conditions in your area mean that it is necessary to travel around to find suitable spot for your session. If you don’t live near your club out of season and want to get in some off-season training as well, then the size of a hard board can limit that too.


Our 10.4 Inflatable Prone Sprint is the Ultimate Training Board: it is 23 inches wide, with a pulled in nose profile and gentle nose rocker, meaning it is a fast board to paddle, with great glide and manoeuvrability. Before you even get to the water though, as with all of our inflatable rescue boards, it can easily pack down into its carry bag and be taken with you in a small car, or even on public transport. The bag has plenty of extra space in there for any extra training gear or clothing you need to take with you as well, so you have a one stop shop to help keep you in your peak physical condition.

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