10'6 Inflatable Prone Rescue Package with board bag and pump

Red Rescue Boards

Our Inflatable Prone Rescue Boards give the perfect balance between high-end lifesaving performance and practical usability. It is a highly durable and cost-effective piece of Lifesaving Equipment and are a fantastic substitute for a traditional hard board: whether for Training or Lifesaving purposes, in a surf or flat-water environment.

Just like your Lifesavers, our boards always Performs Under Pressure.

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Unpacking inflatable rescue board at surf lifesaving club
connecting inflation hose to rescue board
pumping up inflatable rescue board with our titan pump

Super Tough Construction

Packed full of incredible features and patented innovations the Red Rescue Prone Range is built to endure the harshest of environments.

We use our industry leading technology MSL Tough*: a high definition drop-stitch which is exclusive to Red and delivers a long-lasting outershell. Our 72 hour construction process is 10x the Industry average for an Inflatable Board and we have the industry’s most rigorous quality control process, ensuring that we never compromise on stiffness, durability or performance.

The boards deflate and pack down into our specially designed backpack, made using rip-stop toughened materials and boasts a padded backpack system and integrated wheels for easy transportation. Our double chamber Titan 2 Pump reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate your board by half and ensures you can easily get the board to the recommended pressure of 20psi. Pulling on over 10 years of inflatable technology and design experience – every aspect of your board package has been designed to deliver performance when you need it most.

*Trademark registered by Red Paddle Co



Combining exclusive design features like our patented Rail Stiffening System (RSS) and exclusive MSL Tough Construction; our boards are designed to deliver performance without compromise. Unlike other inflatables, Red Rescue Boards don’t bend like a banana.


No more space in your board room? Storage issues will be a thing of the past for you once you make the change to Red Rescue. The boards easily pack down and you can fit, eight Red Boards in place of one traditional hard board.


Stony shores, shore-dumps or a wash over the rocks? Our unique inflatable technology is built to withstand every challenge it faces in a surf environment. Where a hard board dings easily – a Red Board simply bounces off and keeps on performing, saving you time and money.


Our Board Bag switches seamlessly from a super comfy backpack, to a wheeled suitcase: Whether you’re a roaming lifeguard trainer, developing lifesaving overseas or travelling for a race – there is no better option than Red Rescue for comfort and function. With plenty of extra space for the rest fo your gear.


Whether Training or Lifesaving, hardboards are large and heavy. When they collide with a Lifesaver or a member of the public, they cause serious injuries. For the increased safety and protection of everyone in the water: Go Inflatable, Go Red Rescue.


Red Rescue Boards are cheaper than most hard boards. On top of this, they need fewer repairs, you need less space to store them and you will need to replace them less frequently – this means more money for you to spend on other parts of your Lifesaving Service

We believe that riding an inflatable rescue board should deliver an authentic experience for lifesavers. It should be built to perform like a hard board but have all the added benefits of being inflatable. We never compromise on performance, safety or reliability.”

Lewis Durant
Red Rescue Lead Designer
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Surf lifesaving rescue boards being paddled
Casualty glide area and carry handles
Inflatable rescue surfboard deckpad

Grip Where It’s Needed

Our Super Grippy, Red embossed EVA Deckpad keeps the lifesaver in position. After years of testing, we removed the deckpad from the front third of the board to create a casualty glide area to allow for easy positioning and onboarding of those requiring assistance. We have also added a section of extra grippy, diamond cut deckpad at the tail for increased surf performance and durability

Grab and go using one of the 13 padded grab handles: including a horizontal grab handle on the nose of the board which increases the comfort & stability of the casualty whilst reducing drag during recovery.

All Day Comfort

Our SSR (Seriously Smooth Rails) are designed so that the Rail Seams won’t become a chafing area for Lifesavers.

We’ve also strategically placed our Twin Grab Handles so that the board can easily be straddled without extra rubbing. When you are on a board for hours on end – comfort makes a big difference.

paddling surf-lifesaving rescue board
bright and recognisable rescue equipment

Stand Out In The Crowd

We designed the board to be bold. The Blue and Yellow colouration is striking to say the the least. If you are wondering why we didn’t chose Red and Yellow, it’s because UV light always fades red to pink, very quickly. These colours will stay vibrant for years. Ensuring you can always be noticed quickly.

Take Things Up A Level

Our 10’4″ Inflatable Prone Rescue Boards weigh 1-2kg less than your standard hard board alternative: that difference could also be a lot more if you are talking about the typically dinged and waterlogged boards found in use all over the world.

This weight saving improves your Lifesavers response times on land and increases their board control on the water. On top of this, if your Lifesaver does lose the board in the surf, it also decreases the severity of any potential injuries that the board could inflict upon impact with your lifesaver, casualties or other water users.

Surfing Inflatable Prone Rescue board

Kate Doison

“When training new lifeguards, the traditional rescue board can seem quite daunting – big and heavy with no leash! A lighter, more forgiving board is great in a training environment ……As storage costs can be high for a small business, the ability to roll these boards up for the winter, or sling into the back of the van to get to the beach/event also makes life a lot easier.”

RNLI Lifeguard of 12 years + co-runs Coast to Coast Water Safety, specialising in beach lifeguard courses and event water safety.

Red Rescue Board Range

10.4 Prone Sprint Inflatable Rescue Board

The PRONE SPRINT is the ultimate training partner. Built for lifesavers learning the ropes and first responders.

Fast and light, it allows any lifesaver to confidently get out on a rescue board on flat water or in surf. It is ideal for surf lifesaving clubs who run regular training sessions or private life saving groups looking for fast deployment.

At 170 litres and 23” wide, this board is designed to enable lifesavers and first responders to be on the scene fast with plenty of volume upfront for a lighter casualty recovery.

Its pulled in nose and sleak outline makes it paddle fast for fitness training and is great for young lifesavers learning to get to grips with a Prone board in any environment. Its gradual rocker line combined with the RSS battens delivers hard-board like control in head high surf.t Goes Here

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10.6 Prone Rescue Inflatable rescue Board

The PRONE RESCUE gives you unrivalled stability and increased volume for operational use & safe casualty recovery.

Whether on flat water, or coming back through surf, this board is the reliable workhorse of your rescue fleet. At 190 litres and 24” wide, its increased volume allows the safe and stable recovery of casualties of any size.

It has a full nose and wide centre point, making it ideal for training with older/larger lifesavers and for operational lifesaving in all conditions. Designed based on feedback from across the lifesaving industry, every detail of this board has been crafted to cover every eventuality. The Prone Rescue delivers absolute confidence no matter what the conditions.

If you are a UK customer, purchasing 4 boards or less then head over to our purchasing page.


If you are ordering 5 or more boards, or based outside the UK please get in touch for a quote.


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